I chose an article from Rolling Stone titled “Paper Wheels” by Will Hermes. It is under the reviews section, and it is a review of Trey Anastasio’s latest solo album, Paper Wheels. Trey is the lead singer and guitarist for the jam band Phish. Trey had the opportunity to play alongside some of the remaining members of the Grateful Dead at their Fare Thee Well 50th anniversary shows in Chicago on July 3rd, 4th, and 5th 2015. This new album is a reflection of his experiences with the Dead, and according to Hermes you can hear it in these songs. I chose this article after getting the idea of checking out a music review, thinking of what would spark my interest, and Rolling Stone was the first place that came to mind. On the home page of their review section was a list of the most recent reviews of the most recent releases, and as I scrolled down the review of Trey’s album was the first to catch my eye. I have recently become a big fan of his and Phish over the last year or so due to a reference from a Dead-head friend. I have always been a fan of the Grateful Dead, even attending the Dead & Company concert a few weeks ago (Sorry, professor :D…). I was interested to see what kind of music Trey would come up with after his time with the Dead, and I as well as Will Hermes in this article can tell you that Trey did not disappoint. Harmes does a nice job in this short but sweet review of touching on the Dead comparisons to the songs on Paper Wheels, including hearing a little bit of “Shakedown Street” in Trey’s songs “Flying Machines” and “Sometime After Sunset.”


Hermes, Will. “Trey Anastasio’s New Album: Paper Wheels.” Rolling Stone. Rolling Stone, 29 Oct. 2015. Web. 19 Nov. 2015. <>.

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