Totally didn’t even realize I missed a week, so for what it’s worth, here is for the week I missed. Made sure to find an article from that week.

I chose an article titled “Sixers will sign PG Phil Pressey” from the Philadelphia Daily News by Bob Cooney, a popular journalist that I have read work from in the past. As a (admittedly) Sixers fan, this caught my attention because as a basketball guy and a fan I have realized how point guard-deprived the Sixers have been ever since they traded Michael Carter-Williams last year. Carter-Williams was a good player, but not a guy that Sam Hinkie and Brett Brown wanted to build their franchise around for years to come. Phil Pressey happens to join the carousel of Sixers point guards that has been going around since Carter-Williams’s departure. If you can’t tell by now, I am big on sports articles, especially Phily stuff. I’ve always been a Sixers fan and always will be, even with them in their current awful state. Cooney does a nice job of telling us a little bit about Pressey, who is not very well known. He shares a quote from Aaron Mintz, Pressey’s agent, who says the Sixers are getting a “really good young player and a good man.” Pressey isn’t the savior the Sixers are looking for obviously, but he should end up being a pretty good role player on a pretty bad team and a stopgap for whenever the Sixers find their point guard of the future.


Cooney, Bob. “Sixers Will Sign PG Phil Pressey.” Philadelphia Media Network, 4 Nov. 2015. Web. 19 Nov. 2015. <>.

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