For this week, I chose an article in the New York Times Business section that discusses current effects of unemployment in the economy. The article titled “Strong Growth in Jobs May Encourage Fed to Raise Rates” addresses important information regarding the 271,000 jump in payrolls reported by the Labor Department, suggesting that this economic growth allows the central bank to move away from the “crisis-level interest-rate policy” it’s been following for years. It further discusses how this change in labor market’s policy-making is expected to shift the political debate in the 2016 presidential campaign, which is a huge topic of discussion lately. I liked the article because it provided charts and statistics illustrating changes in the labor force including information regarding demographics, share of population, unemployment by education level, type of work, average weekly earnings and more. This articles use of statistical tools and charts connects with what we discussed in class regarding source accessibility, and it also helps for the reader to understand and better analyze the importance in these issues.



Schwartz, Nelson D. “Strong Growth in Jobs May Encourage Fed to Raise Rates.” NY Times. The New York Times. 6 November 2015. Web. 11 November 2015.

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