I found an interesting source called the “Daily Dose” on the Philadelphia Inquirer’s Healthcare section on philly.com. The post provided a weekly roundup of the top health headlines and included article links with a brief description. I haven’t come across this helpful post before so I find it to be very interesting and helpful in finding current news stories with important issues. This blog post works as a directory for important headlining news in the Healthcare section, which appeals to many readers. I assume this tool is used in other sections of philly.com but this “Daily Dose” blog post focuses on important health issues that are a significant source of providing readers with easily accessible, newsworthy information. This is a very helpful tool for providing options and directing readers where to go.



D’Ancona, Justin. “Daily Dose; Oct. 26 Health Headlines.” Philly.com. The Philadelphia Inquirer. 26 October 2015. Web. 29 October 2015. http://www.philly.com/philly/blogs/healthcare/Daily-dose-Oct-26-health-headlines.html?c=r

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