I found an article in The Washington Post about the recent college football stats after the Saturday Oct. 24 game results went into effect and drastically changed the numbers. The article includes an extensive list of updated football stats since the Saturday swing shift in the standings and also discusses the current news in the college football world. The article addresses the deadly car accident tragedy at Oklahoma State’s homecoming parade earlier in the season that resulted in a moment of silence before Saturday’s game. It also talks about many current events at certain schools including Temple’s record-breaking winning streak which ranked them for the first time since 1979. Along with these bits of information throughout the listed stats, it includes links connecting certain ideas to further information that backs it up including other articles about these topics on The Washington Post. This article is a good source to learn about current college football news and also examine the stats and standings in the entire league.



Bieler, Des and Yates, Clinton. “Tragedy at Oklahoma State, Stunning Finish at Georgie Tech and More College Football Scores and News.” Washington Post. The Washington Post. 24 October 2015. Web. 29 October 2015. https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/early-lead/wp/2015/10/23/college-football-tv-schedule-and-preview-for-oct-22-24/

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