I once again went with a weather related article, considering I’m a weather nerd.  More specifically I love snow, blizzards and winter weather, which made me choose this article even more.  It’s that time of year! It’s like waiting for Christmas morning, us weather nerds await for local and national meteorologist to issue their annual “winter forecasts”.  With a record setting El Nino how will that influence our winter weather? Will we get buried in snow? Or barely see any snow?  This article does a good job, explaining everything that goes into our winter weather here in the Delaware Valley.  I like Glenn “Hurricane” Schwartz and he does a real good job of explaining it, using many statistics, numbers, pictures and graphs.  I of course am hoping for a snowy winter or at the least one mega storm (24”+).  I will probably go with a sports article on my last article assignment unless some crazy weather event occurs.

“‘Hurricane’ Schwartz’s 19th Annual Winter Forecast.” N.p., n.d. Web. 12 Nov. 2015.

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