Week 9

  1. I wanted to show the timeline of how covid has expanded in the United States as rapidly as it has with the quotes of the president coinciding with the number of cases going upward. I think that when you lay it out like this you can really see the destruction that covid has caused to our country and around the world, but particularly the United States due to the lack of response and involvement from the government. I looked at statistics off of new york times and plenty of other publications so I guess the publication or what I’m covering are the quotes from the white house.
  2. With the design, I wanted to lay out a timeline in the form of an arrow because there is so much information. When I was filling this out I realized there is probably way too much information and definitely not enough photographs. I tried cropping in a picture of the President and or President Xi but it didn’t look too good with the color adapted (making it look cartoon-like). I like how I put the fire at the end for stickers to show the direction that we’re headed in and tried looking around for more stickers to plant around the infographic but couldn’t really find any of somebody coughing or of an illness or something to signify a sickness. I lowered the opacities of the boxes but probably could’ve added a drop shadow somewhere if I tried to.

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