Week 8

So with my animated gif, I ended up with a basketball rolling across the screen with some text under the NBA logo. Some ways that I can improve my gif include making the ball spin slowly all the way throughout. If you see at the end of the gif I spin the ball to try and make it look like it was rolling but didn’t do this throughout the whole sequence and just did it to the last few groups when the ball stopped bouncing to show that it started rolling. It looks like the ball is gliding instead of bouncing at the start due to this. Also what I wanted to do but found out after I duplicated and grouped all my layers were to make the lettering under the NBA logo pop up one by one slowly. Also with the text because the phrase I put under is “where magic happens” maybe I could’ve added an effect to try and show that the phrase had some “magic”. Also, I maybe could have added other elements as my first idea was to try and make the ball go through a hoop, but I wanted to make the ball resemble a tumbleweed like in western movies and found that putting the ball through the net and rearranging the layers was a little too difficult.

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