Week 6

The mood board that I created I wanted to take risks in order to expose myself to some of the tools on photoshop. In hindsight, I probably should have played it safer if I wanted the final product to look better, but was having trouble just even finding the format I wanted my mood board to look like. I saw you edit in a circle in class, so I wanted to do that because it seemed harder than just copying and pasting square tiles but ultimately I needed to reformat the board. If I were to revise it I probably would have put the circle in the center with pictures equally on opposite sides of it to draw some symmetry. I also probably would cut out the color swatches even though they were recommended to show the color scheme we were working with and experimenting on. I also did have my grid up when aligning the pictures but wasn’t able to align them all perfectly causing some of the images to look off-center and making the board look disfigured. Also, I completely messed up on the publication and should’ve done something like bleacher report, ESPN, the athletic, etc. but I won’t mess that up again. I’d say that if I were more organized in the way I wanted to set up my board it definitely would have turned out better.

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