Week 5

1.) The online publication that I am designing a mood board for is bleeding green nation, which is a sports page that devotes itself to covering the Philadelphia Eagles. I want to incorporate an actual eagle in the mood board to represent the animal and the mascot of the team and to provide a contrast in the pictures. I want the eagle to be one of the main focal points inside a shape that is different than the rest to make the color on the beak stand out because green already dominates so much of the uniforms.

2.) When designing the mood board I wanted to have a figure looking in at the mood board, whether that would be one or two players looking inward (I chose two). I put them at both sides of the board across from each other looking at the center to try and draw attention from the viewer. I wanted to put the eagle as the focal point to try and get some yellow out of the board as well because there is a lot of green that dominates the color scheme. With the eagle, different jersey color, and the goal post though I think there is a splash of yellow that helps drain all the green away. I also wanted to get different eras and conditions in which they played in to create more diversity within each individual picture.


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