Week 2 (CRAP Principles, BGN)

The local news organization that I’m choosing to redesign their front page is Bleeding green nation. One thing that I like a lot about their home page is the little bar at the top which helps the reader locate whatever they want to find, as well as make a link to other communities on SBNation. I also like the emblem that is used to signify bleeding green nation because when you first look at it you can almost make an instant connection with the Eagles due to a similar color scheme and design. The one altercation that I would make is that I would change the Eagle facing towards the side instead of facing towards you, but when it comes down to the emblem they created I think that it serves and delivers on its purpose. What I don’t like about the site is they don’t really have a top story that pops out at you because the stories are so close together it makes it seem like they all have the same weight even though this might not be the case. This also makes the website feel a bit clunky and disorganized as I would make a story standalone and pop much larger than the others to show the reader that one story has more significance than another. They try to make one story a lot bigger than the other, but when you cram 4 other stories right next to it, you lose the importance of the one, larger story. Along with this, they put their radio station a little below the top stories to where you can reach them but in my opinion, I would put that a little further up the page so it catches more people’s attention and keep the latest, least relevant stories at the bottom.

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