About Me

Hey There!

My name is Jon Myers-Potts and I am a Senior Tourism and Hospitality Management Major at Temple University. From a young age, helping others has always been a goal in life and therefore my future career. After previously working as an event coordinator and host for a psychotherapy office, I want to continue this dedication by working in a role where I get the chance to serve a community, rather than a corporation. To be specific, I have a great interest in both Destination Marketing as well as Parks and Recreation as I feel they give me the best opportunity to succeed.

Shades and Hats

Something people always notice about me is that I am constantly wearing sunglasses or a hat, sometimes even inside. What a lot of people don’t know is that this is not simply a fashion choice as much as it is protecting my eyes because they are extremely light sensitive. As you can see on the left, this whole look has been around for some time.

The Pineapple

One of my favorite things is pineapples. I have always been a big fan of the fruit itself but when I learned about its use as a symbol of hospitality is when the obsession truly began. I have pineapple on my lapel, socks, keychain, business card and even this very profile as it has grown into a part of my brand.

The Food Pics

Throughout my life, I have always loved food whether it be cooking it, eating it, or anything in between. Since my cooking skills are not the greatest; I combined this love with another, photography. I utilize both of these on my Instagram account to show photos of both the food I eat and the city I love.