Social Media and Children

Children using social media is becoming a norm these days. Many children are given smartphones by their parents and eventually are on Twitter and Instagram at a young age. The age of social media has caused children to develop mental health disorders and suicidal thoughts. Overall, the use of social media does not help children develop themselves mentally.

Loot Boxes

If you want the best characters or guns in many games today, it will come at a price. Loot boxes in games have become the way people have a chance to get the best. Before, people had to grind and play the game, but now there is an easy way to obtain the best assets in games. For example, let us look at FIFA 18.  When new players get released many people open loot boxes for a chance to get them.  Last year FIFA had a “Team of the Season” promotion highlighting the best soccer players in the game by increasing their stats and giving them cool looking cards. Many people open up loot boxes for a chance to get them, but they are super rare. As you can see in this post there is a character of South Korean soccer star Son Heung Min in FIFA 18 with a Team of the Season card. The long and short of loot boxes is that it is a form of gambling and they will need to be regulated because of how it manipulates people to spend more money.

Media Journal

Recently for my Mobile Media class, I wrote a short journal article about social media and fake news.  I read an article from NPR written by Ben Adler called “California Launches New Effort To Fight Election Disinformation”. Here is a condensed snippet on my critical analysis of the article.

Ben Adler reported that California is combating election disinformation because of what happened in the 2016 election with Russian hackers. Since there is an election in November this is great news that they will combat this problem. But I do have a problem with it because I feel that too much power could be given to the California city government and they could potentially start to censor things they may not like, even if it does not deal with election disinformation. Hopefully, this does not happen because it is a great idea, but it needs to be monitored.

Welcome to Jonathan Sechuk’s Life

Hello, random person surfing the web,

It seems that you have stumbled across the best website on the internet. According to website grader, I have the best website. I know it is crazy right? They said it is better than Twitter, Instagram and Snapface combined. Not many people know about this site because I like to stay low key. Pretty soon I will have to shut it down because of web traffic. So make sure to screenshot all the gold gems I post because they won’t last forever. Enjoy the best site ever and enjoy this picture of me! 

Random Facts

So I am pretty sure you read that fire intro to the page (too bad windows does not have fire emojis). But let me tell you some random facts about me, and trust me they are random.  When I was in high school I was selected to be on the all-star team for Ice Hockey after putting up a whopping 10 points (Not a big deal). I have a signed Cole Hamels baseball sitting on my dresser. The signature has faded some since I put it in the sun like a genius, but I can still see it. My first concert was Red Hot Chili Peppers, and I missed my last 8th-grade dance for it (the decision process for this took ages) in the end it was worth seeing them. In my household, I am the current minigolf champion and free game-winner at Pier 9 in Ocean City, New Jersey. And my last random fact is that I work for Vance Refrigeration.  These are 100% true random facts. If you go on fact check. org, you will be redirected back to this page because I speak the truth.


2-time all-star Jonathan Sechuk (Not A Big Deal)