Hi out there

Ok, so this is supposed to be a blog about doing professional historical work… or it might be more accurate to describe this as the insane ramblings of an amatuer writer attempting to do professional historical work.  After all, there is a fair to good chance that with all that the internet has to offer, nobody has found this site and I am yelling into the proverbial void (cat videos, free, new, life hack, pornography… hopefully that gets those search engine algorithms looking my way).

Really, this is supposed to be a space in which I can practice writing so that the research that I perform can get turned into something that publishers will actually want rather than be used to line dog pens.  Which might sound a bit narcissistic and self-serving but the internets have allowed us to create the Information Age version of the Republic of Letters.  I may have something to say that will add to human history (sure, keep telling yourself that!), but more importantly, others do.  If I am going to be a professional historian, I need to network with other people in the field (which of you history nerds wants to be my friends?).

I joke, but really I want other historians and general public to see want I am doing in case I screw up.  I have not read every source, visited every archive, and handled every  artifact of our collective past… and even if I had, I am still human (what!?) which means I have my own little opinions that tend to scuttle around my brain like a cave-dwelling monster petting a ring (Tolkien references for $1000 please Alex). Which is all great, grand and wonderful but history grows and changes with each passing day and our understanding of it hopefully changes as well.

So, this is me, putting myself and my work out there, for all to see.  Hopefully, you will find it insightful… even entertaining if I do this correctly.  If you like it, maybe you tell your friends… If you don’t like it, maybe you give me some pointers.  I’d like to think that I know what I am doing, but I may be wrong.  Let’s start a conversation, let’s have a discourse, let’s build history together… but first, let me finish!

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