Hello Everyone !

I am a Senior studying therapeutic recreation at Temple University. Like many students, I was unsure what career path I would take. I discovered this major through my athletic adviser last semester and decided to look more into this field. I was interested in the idea that I would be helping people become more independent in their lives. After reading about this field, I knew I wanted to use recreation to help individuals improve their lives. I love working with people with disabilities, because it gives you a different view on how everyone around the world adapts to many situations.

Professionally, I hope to work with children with developmental or physical disabilities. I believe therapeutic recreation can play a big role with these children because of the leisure activities at are available for them, so that they can feel independent . This is important in helping these individuals be successful in their everyday living as they grow up. My dream job is to work in a hospital or recreational center with children, so that they do not feel like no one cares about them.

Through my education and my volunteer experiences in therapeutic recreation, I’m developing my skills as a therapist, particularly in learning to connect the activity to the client’s individualized treatment goals. I am planning to gain experience in physical/developmental health across the lifespan in order to understand how these health conditions affect individuals differently at different developmental milestones. While I hope to work in adventure therapy, I believe my broad experience in these health areas will make me an asset as a CTRS in any recreational setting.

What Rec Therapy Means To Me !