I once chatted with my friends and talked about the topic of fitness. My friend asked me if you thought about it. What is the meaning of fitness? This question reminds me of my fitness journey.
I remember very clearly that the original intention of my fitness was to let others praise my body to satisfy my vanity and attract women. Day after day, under my persistent efforts, the chest muscles began to become obvious, the abdominal muscles had contours, and the lines became more and more distinct. I boasted that my body was good, but I still had no girlfriend. The most hateful thing is that I found those pieces of “abdominal muscles”, but instead lived in the wind and snow every day, I began to feel confused and helpless, and not to be all day long. Later, I understood that there is no inevitable connection between a girlfriend and your body, and not every girl has a good body. You have money, beauty, humor, thoughtfulness, maturity, understanding, will marry girls, sweet words, versatile, etc. As long as you have one of them attracts a woman, even if you are not good, Does not affect a girl who likes you. When the advantages are infinitely magnified, the disadvantages are often overlooked

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