My Revolution

My “first” that I have chose to learn more about is the first protest against slavery. This protest happened right here in Philadelphia, not too far from Temple University. This site is located on Germantown Ave., and now looks like another part of the city of Philadelphia. The only thing indicating that this is a historical site is a blue marker that tells me so. Since the protest was written in 1688, the site has changed dramatically from what I imagine it might have looked like. Now, there is a grocery store and some other businesses and storefronts on the busy street. There were no tour guides or any historical figures waiting to tell the story of the first anti-slavery protest. The blue historical marker informed me that the protest happened within the home of a Quaker man and was written with a group of Quakers from Germany. The protest document was signed by four Quakers and would one of the first abolition laws written 92 years before Pennsylvania’s first “official” abolition law. I wish I was able to take a tour or learn anything more than what the historical marker had to offer. I feel like I wasn’t able to get a full experience or learn much just from the site. There was not much there to offer me. I am hoping to find more historical sites that relate to my “first” for the MyRevolution project to be able to see and experience the topic I would like to learn more about.


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