Statement of Purpose

Hi! My name is Jade Miller and I am a junior here at Temple. I graduated from the Preparatory Charter School for Mathematics, Science, Technology, and Careers in 2015. In high school, I was mainly involved in sports. I played in our school’s volleyball tournaments and was a manager for the football team (we went undefeated in my senior year and won our division’s championship). I attended West Chester University for my first semester of college, then transferred to Temple in the spring of 2016.

I am majoring in Middle Grades Education with a concentration in African American Studies. I plan on teaching the *”at-risk” youth in grades 5-8. I have always been passionate about helping others and spreading knowledge. I truly believe that children are our future and I would like to help as many kids as I can to be prepared for their own futures. The reason I chose to specifically teach the at-risk youth is because I feel as though the education system, and society as a whole, tends to give up on these kids and write them off as “impossible,” “unruly,” or “unable to learn.” I believe these children have powerful messages and perspectives when they are given the opportunity to voice their opinions and tell their own truths in life. These children can be extremely creative, witty, and passionate about certain subjects, but may lack the materials and resources needed to achieve. I would like to give back to the Philadelphia community and provide these students with the tools they will need in order for them to do the same in their own communities.

My biggest career goal is to positively impact as many students as I can. I would like all of my students to be able to become successful in life and achieve their dreams. One of my goals is to give my students more than enough positive reinforcement that they believe they are greater than their statistic. No matter what society thinks about their ability to achieve, I know they will be given the tools in my class room to do so.

*  An “at-risk” youth is one who is deemed to be less likely to become successful in life. The term successful in this case is defined by the ability to avoid crime, achieve academically, and attain financial stability. This is the definition provided by education and academic outlets. My own personal definition would be a student who has been given up on by previous educators and as a result has begun to fall through the cracks of the education system.

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