The Making of a Quagmire

A. World War II Shenanigans

1. Ho, Giap, and the OSS
2. FDR’s Trusteeship Proposal

3. Declaration of Independence (1945)
4. French Reconquest and the First Indochina War

B. Fear of Falling Dominoes

1. Navarre Plan
3. Berlin Conference–February 1954
4. United Action–March 1954
5. Congressional Complicity–April 1954

C. Geneva Conference–May-July 1954

D. Sink or Swim with Ngo Dinh Diem

1. Miracle Worker
2. Nation Building

E. Bear Any Burden?

1. Taylor-Restow Report (November 1961)
2. Limited Partnership
3. Mutual Distrust
Buddhist Crisis–May 1963
5. Assassination and Coup–November 1963



Limited Test Ban Treaty
American University Speech
Bao Dai
European Defense Community
Operation Vulture
“The Day We Didn’t Go To War”

Wars of National Liberation
Green Berets
[Maxwell] Taylor- [Walt] Rostow Mission
Strategic Hamlet Program
Agent Orange
Madame Nhu
Buddhist Barbeque
George Ball
Henry Cabot Lodge, Jr.