The Iceman Cometh

A. The American Century?

B. Hard Power v. Soft Power

C. Bipolarity

1. Ideology
2. Empire/Imperialism
3. Geopolitics/Security (Eurasian Land Mass)
4. Political Economy/Prosperity

D. Long Peace Conference

1. London     (Sept. 1945)
2. Moscow    (Dec. 1945)
3. Paris          (April-Oct. 1946)

E. Domestic Politics

F. George Kennan’s Long Telegram

G. “Iron Curtain”   (MAP)

H. Crisis in Iran

1. Shah Reza Pahlavi
2. Azerbaijan

I. Security Dilemma

1. Offense v. Defense
2. Kennan v. Novikov

J. The Winning Weapon


Eurasia landmass/Lebensraum

Open Door/Liberal Trade

Most Favored Nation

General Agreement of Tariffs and Trade (GATT–1947)

James Byrnes

Ernest Bevin

George Kennan

Modus Vivendi

Henry Wallace

Acheson-Lilienthal Report

Atomic Energy Authority

Baruch Plan

“Swift and Sure” Penalties