Shotgun Marriage

A. Change over Time

1. Day of Infamy as a watershed
2. Age of Vulnerability
3. Rendezvous with Destiny

B. Systemic Upheavals

1. Disintegration of Empires
2. Rise of Nationalism/Revolutionary Movements
3. Emergence of the USSR
4. Acceptance of Global Responsibilities by US

C. Conflicting Objectives

1. UK
3. US
a. Henry Luce and the American Century
        b. Second Chance

D. Personal Diplomacy

1. Supreme Self-Confidence
2. Wartime Conferences

E. Incrementalism

1. Policy of Postponement
2. Politics of Disillusionment

F. Stalin’s Demands

1. Trust
2. Insecurity
3. Betrayal
4. US v. UK

G. A Look Ahead


American Century

Atlantic Charter

Nazi-Soviet Pact

1939 Boundaries

Second Front (map)