Preponderance of Power

A. The World According to Dean Acheson

B. Marshall Plan (June 1947)

C. Czech Coup (February 1948)

1. Jan Masaryk
2. War Scare

D. Division of Germany

1. Currency Reform
2. Berlin Blockade (June 1948)

3. Strategic Air Command

4. Air Lift

E. National Security Act (July 1947)

1. Department of Defense (DoD)
2. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)
3. National Security Council (NSC)

F. North Atlantic Treaty Organization [NATO] (July 1949)

1. Dual Containment
2. America in; Soviets out; Germany down.

G. The Great Fear

1. Soviet Atomic Bomb (September 1949)
2. Superbomb (B-52 bomber)
3. Joseph McCarthy

H. NSC-68


Vital Interests
Asia Firster
European Recovery Plan
Economic Cooperation Act
Ernest Bevin
Georges Bidault

Molotov Plan
Lucius Clay–“Dramatic Suddenness”
Universal Military Training (UMT)
Robert Taft
Robert Oppenheimer