Irony and Tragedy

A. Missed Opportunity

1. The Johnson Irony
2. Musical Chairs in Saigon
3. Daisy Girl Commercial

B. McNamara’s War

1. Gulf of Tonkin Resolution
2. Rolling Thunder

C.  Battle of the Memoranda

1. McNamara
2. Ball
3. Bundy and Bundy

D.  The Stalemate Machine

E.  Clifford and the Wise Men

1. Tet (January 30, 1968)
2.  Bombing Pause/LBJ Withdraw (March 31, 1968)

F. Round Tables and Square Pegs

1. Nguyen Cao Ky
2. Nguyen Van Thieu

G. Nixinger

1. Secret Plan?
2. Betrayal?


C. Turner Joy/Maddox
DESOTO Patrols/Operation 34A
Pleiku–February 7, 1965
Flaming Dart
Credibility Gap: “Every quantitative measurement we have shows that we’re winning the war.”
William Westmoreland
George Ball
Great Society
Robert Kennedy
Eugene McCarthy/Baby Brigade/New Hampshire Primary
Chicago Democratic Convention/Yippies/Student Mobilization
Paris Peace Talks