Schedule of Presentations

Schedule for History 8209

Schedule of Sessions

August 30


September 6

Class Reading: Costigliola/Hogan, Explaining the History of U.S. Foreign Relations

Commentaries: Everyone

Jervis, Theories of International Relations:            Mathias
Leffler, National Security:                                           Alex
Simpson, Explaining Political Economy:                 Mike E.
Cullather, Development and Technopolitics:          Jay
Keys, Nonstate Actors:                                                 Paul
Logevall, Domestic Politics:                                        Ariel
Rosenberg: Considering Borders:                              Brian
Hunt, Nationalism as Umbrella Ideology:               Eric
Kramer, Shades of Sovereignty:                                 Andrea
Wu, Gendering American Foreign Relations:         Alexandre
Preston, The Religious Turn                                     Steven

September 13

Class Reading: Westad, Global Cold War

Craig and Logevall, America’s Cold War        Alex
Engerman,, Know Your Enemy                        Mathias
LaFeber, America, Russia, & the Cold War   Andrea
Miscamble, From Roosevelt to Truman 

Craig and Logevall, America’s Cold War        Jay
Engerman,, Know Your Enemy                        Alex
LaFeber, America, Russia, & the Cold War   Eric
Miscamble, From Roosevelt to Truman 

September 20

Class Reading: Gaddis, Strategies of Containment

Bowie and Immerman, Waging Peace
Freedman,  Kennedy’s Wars                                 Paul
Leffler, Preponderance of Power                         Jay
Trachtenberg, A Constructed Peace                    Eric

Bowie and Immerman, Waging Peace
Freedman,  Kennedy’s Wars                                   Ariel
Leffler, Preponderance of Power                           Andrea
Trachtenberg, A Constructed Peace                       Mike E.

September 27

Class Reading: Hixson, Parting the Curtain

Gienow-Hecht, Transmission Impossible               Brian
Shibusawa, America’s Geisha Ally                            Ariel
Von Eschen, Satchmo Blows Up the World            Mathias
Wagnleitner,  Coca-Colonization & the Cold War Mike E.

Gienow-Hecht, Transmission Impossible               Ariel
Shibusawa, America’s Geisha Ally                             Paul
Von Eschen, Satchmo Blows Up the World             Andrea
Wagnleitner,  Coca-Colonization & the Cold War  Steven

October 4

Class Reading: Chen Jian, Mao’s China and the Cold War

CumingsOrigins of the Korean War                Steven
Masuda, Cold War Crucible                                  Paul
Oyen, The Diplomacy of Migration                     Alexandre
Stueck, The Korean War                                        Alex

CumingsOrigins of the Korean War                 Jay
Masuda, Cold War Crucible                                   Eric
Oyen, The Diplomacy of Migration                      Brian
Stueck, The Korean War                                         Ariel

October 11

Class Reading: De Grazia, Irresistible Empire

Endy,  Cold War Holiday
Goedde,  GIs and Germans                                        Eric
Kuisel, The French Way                                              Jay
Pells, Not Like Us                                                         Andrea

Endy,  Cold War Holiday
Goedde,  GIs and Germans                                         Paul
Kuisel, The French Way                                               Steven
Pells, Not Like Us                                                           Mathias

October 18

Class Reading: Latham, Right Kind of Revolution

Cullather, The Hungry World                                      Mathias
Ekbladh, Great American Mission                              Ariel
Immerwahr,  Thinking Small                                        Paul
Grubbs, Secular Missionaries                                       Steven

Cullather, The Hungry World                                         Alexandre
Ekbladh, Great American Mission                                 Eric
Immerwahr,  Thinking Small                                          Mike E.
Grubbs, Secular Missionaries                                         Alex

October 25

Class Reading: Dudziak, Cold War and Civil Rights

Anderson, Bourgeois Radicals                                           Alexandre
Parker,  Brother’s Keeper                                                    Paul
Plummer, In Search of Power                                            Mike E.
Vitalis,White World Order, Black Power Politics          Ariel

Anderson, Bourgeois Radicals                                            Ariel
Parker,  Brother’s Keeper                                                     Brian
Plummer, In Search of Power                                             Steven
Vitalis,White World Order, Black Power Politics           Mathias

November 1

Class Reading: Gavin, Nuclear Statecraft

Heefner, The Missile Next Door                                           Alex
Jervis, The Meaning of the Nuclear Revolution               Eric
Jones,  After Hiroshima                                                         Alexandre                      
Maddock, Nuclear Apartheid

Heefner, The Missile Next Door                                            Jay
Jervis, The Meaning of the Nuclear Revolution                Paul
Jones,  After Hiroshima                                                           Brian
Maddock, Nuclear Apartheid

November 8

Class Reading: Rabe, Killing Zone

Brands, Latin America’s Cold War                                          Jay
Grandin, The Last Colonial Massacre                                     Brian
Harmer, Allende’s Chile & the Inter-American Cold War   Ariel
Schmidli,  The Fate of Freedom Elsewhere                            Alexandre

Brands, Latin America’s Cold War                                            Andrea
Grandin, The Last Colonial Massacre                                       Mike E.
Harmer, Allende’s Chile & the Inter-American Cold War     Steven
Schmidli,  The Fate of Freedom Elsewhere                              Alex

November 15

Class Reading: Jacobs,  Imagining the Middle East

Alvandi, Nixon, Kissinger, and the Shah                                    Mike E.
Chamberlin, The Global Offensive                                                Steven
Citino, Nathan.  From Arab Nationalism to OPEC                   Andrea
Yaqub, Salim, Containing Arab Nationalism                             Brian

Alvandi, Nixon, Kissinger, and the Shah                                     Alexandre
Chamberlin, The Global Offensive                                                 Mathias
Citino, Nathan.  From Arab Nationalism to OPEC                    Paul
Yaqub, Salim, Containing Arab Nationalism                             Alex

November 22: Thanksgiving Break

November 29

Class Reading: Lawrence, Vietnam War

Bradley, Imagining Vietnam and America                                    Steven
Chapman, Cauldron of Resistance                                                   Brian
Miller, Misalliance                                                                                Jay
Nguyen, Hanoi’s War                                                                           Eric

Bradley, Imagining Vietnam and America                                      Eric
Chapman, Cauldron of Resistance                                                     Alexandre
Miller, Misalliance                                                                                 Mike E.
Nguyen, Hanoi’s War                                                                            Andrea

December 6

Class Reading: Schmidt, Foreign Intervention in Africa

Connelly, A Diplomatic Revolution                                                      Mike E.
Gleijeses, Conflicting Missions                                                              Matthias
Irwin,  Gordian Knot                                                                            Andrea
Sargent, A Superpower Transformed                                                  Alex

Connelly, A Diplomatic Revolution                                                       Mathias
Gleijeses, Conflicting Missions                                                            Brian
Irwin, Gordian Knot                                                                                Alexandre
Sargent, A Superpower Transformed                                                 Jay