Course Requirements and Grading


The award of final grades will be the product of complex calculations performed. Your goal should be to accumulate a total of 500 points.  These points can be accumulated in the following manner:

Read all assignments; attend class regularly, and participate actively. I will expect everyone to volunteer at least once to provide a two minute summary of the previous session. to make one pithy comment, or to ask one insightful question (maximum of 4points).

** Complete all assigned op ed essays (maximum of two pages)  (worth 15 points each to total a maximum of 60 points). Op ed essays must respond to the question with an argument. That argument must be supported by at least one primary document available on the web via either that week’s “Documents” link or a link on one of the unit’s lecture outlines, or in the required readings for the course. That document should be cited in a footnote (using the style recommended by the Chicago Manual of Style, available physically at Paley Library and virtually at

You should quote a small portion of this document(10 words at the maximum) verbatim.

** One midterm examination ( 100 points)

** One final examination ( 150 points)

*** Final Writing Assignment, 15-20 (double-spaced) pages ( 150 points)

*10 points will be deducted for each unexcused class absence which exceeds a total of three for the semester. If the accumulated deduction for unexcused absences reaches 40, the student will receive a 0 for the oral component of this course and, consequently, will not receive a passing grade.

Unless sanctioned for religious or equivalent purposes by Temple University, an excused absence will require documentation (e.g., from a medical professional).

**Documentation supporting requests for make-up examinations or extensions on the due-date for all papers, including the op-ed essays, will be required .

*** See Description of Final Writing Assignment .

**** Students can receive 15 points of extra credit for writing one op ed essay in addition to those assigned to the class. These essays should be written during a week when an op ed essay is not required, it should be based on a document or documents, and it must be introduced by an explicit question framed by you, the author. Lest there be any misunderstanding, let me reiterate that each student can receive extra credit for but one additional op ed essay .

Student can also receive 5 points for each of the Center for the Study of Force and Diplomacy Colloquia she or he attends. The student need only submit a short paragraph identifying the speaker, the title, and at least one of the arguments the scholar makes. More information is or will become available at