Between War and Peace

A. Dull, Duller, Dulles

1. The Puppeteer
2. Republican Party Platform
3. Policy of Boldness
4. Brinkmanship

B. The New Look

1. Threat Assessment
The Oxymoronism of Deterrence
3. Collective Security
4. Trade and Aid
5. Negotiations

C. Coherence

D. NSC 162/2

E. Containment Redux

  1. East German Uprising 1953
  2. Hungarian Revolution 1956

F. Shadow Warfare

G. McCarthyism


Captive Peoples
Bernard Brodie
Solarium Exercise
Retaliatory Capacity

Mobile Forces
Indigenous Forces
Allen W. Dulles
Doolittle Commission
Iran: TPAJAX–Mohammed Mossadegh
Guatemala: PBSUCCESS–Jacobo Arbenz
Joseph McCarthy