Cybersecurity is now one of the nations’ highest priorities. Cybersecurity calls out for more resources at the national and state levels, higher education has a significant role to play in the expanding cybersecurity landscape. Universities must protect their data and information shared at hundreds of institutions, universities and colleges throughout the world. They must use their substantial resources to better understand cyber threats and offer new tools and technologies for securing information communication methodologies. And, of course, we must also prepare our students to succeed in this world where information technology attacks have become common, whether they become cybersecurity practitioners or not.

Cybersecurity is inherently multi-disciplinary field, involving not just computer sciences, but engineering, psychology, law and business. Temple University is establishing an Institute for Cyber Security and Privacy (ICSP), including Department of Electrical and Computing Engineering in the College of Engineering, The Department of Management Information Systems in the Fox School of Business, the Depart of Computer and Information Sciences in the College of Science and Technology, the Department of Criminal Justice in the College of Liberal Arts, and in the Beasley School of Law.


Interdisciplinary collaboration can develop and provide the expertise required to address complex cybersecurity challenges across a variety of application areas. The ICSP examines the misuses of cyber technology, bolster education and training in cybersecurity, and transitions promising cybersecurity research a place to practice. The collaboration will prepares students for a cyber-workforce in which complex problems are being solved at the intersection of disciplines and sectors.

NSA/DHS Designated CAE-CDE Cyber Defense (application pending)

Temple University has submitted their application to the National Security Agency and Department of Homeland Security for Cybersecurity and Privacy a National Center of Academic Excellence in Cyber Defense, an honor that recognizes the strength of the institute’s cybersecurity and privacy educational programs, faculty and students.


For more information about Temple University’s Institute for Cyber Security and Privacy, please contact:

Dr. Li Bai
College of Engineering
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Larry Brandolph
Associate Vice President and Chief Information Security Officer
Information Technology Services


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