Urban Public Spaces

The William Penn Foundation funded a project titled “Synthesis of the Benefits and Costs of Urban Public Spaces” that I am co-leading with several colleagues, including Dr. Anneclaire De Roos (Drexel, School of Public Health), Dr. Patrick Gurian (Drexel, Environmental Engineering), Dr. Michelle Kondo (US Forest Service), and Dr. Yuki Kato (Georgetown, Sociology).

Our project evaluates the state of the field on urban public spaces, with a focus on the economic, environmental, health, and social benefits and costs of urban public spaces. This research synthesis will highlights what is known about urban public space and uncovers key gaps in our knowledge.

Our Executive summary and Full report are available from The William Penn Foundation website. Please contact Hamil Pearsall (hamil.pearsall@temple.edu) with any questions.

People sitting around Swan Fountain in Philadelphia, PA

Swan Fountain, Philadelphia, PA