Courses recently taught at Temple University

General Education courses

Sustainable Environments (GUS/ENVST 0842)

Upper-level courses

Geography of Hazards (ENST 3055)
Environmental GIS (GUS/ENST 4066)
Fundamentals of GIS (GUS/ENVST 3062)
Political Ecology (GUS/ENVST 4056)
Environmental Policy Issues (GUS/ENVST 3051)


Graduate courses

Biosocial Studio II (GUS 5000)
Fundamentals of GIS (GUS 5062)
Political Ecology (GUS 5056)
Environmental GIS (GUS/ENVST 5066)
Critical Issues in Globalization, Social Justice, and Sustainability (GUS 8031)

Photo of balloon mapping

Balloon mapping with students at Clark University.