ABW Persona

The Angry Black Woman is defined as an irate, aggressive, loud and rude woman (Kerwin, 2017). The Angry Black Woman: The Impact of Pejorative Stereotypes on Psychotherapy with Black Women by Wendy Ashley, is an article that discusses the myth of the angry Black woman which results in stereotypes that black women are known to be and could be evident in psychotherapeutic (clinical) settings and how this could lead to misinterpreted symptoms and misdiagnosis of treatment. It gives the necessary background of the Angry Black Woman persona tracing the myth back to slavery, and the lack of treatment women of color got after slavery.

I was always curious about Janet Jackson’s character in For Colored Girls. It was apparent she was characterized as the Angry Black Woman in the movie. But what caused her to act that way? Was she even angry? How do we not know that her lashing out could have been bipolar? Or she was having a bad day? That is a term that I see in most black women in films, especially films that display mental health in their characters in black cinema. I question the director’s views when they write these scripts and cast black women. I do want to talk about the ABW persona in my paper. However, I am trying to figure out how I can talk about that and stay on the topic of mental health. I do have a chapter in my film that I am dedicating to the Angry Black Woman persona. This article is helping me develop my character as well as giving me sources from their citations to look at for my paper dealing with mental health.

I worked on developing my characters for my next chapter in my film, and I am starting to write that script out. I have a goal of finishing the script and storyboards November 11th. I am also in the process of writing my outline for my paper. I am starting with the literature review. I am also taking the route to write this draft a little every day like we discuss in class. I am meeting with my Assistant Producer Anthony Lewis, and we are going to film a section from my Un-Told scene. I plan to bring this footage to practice editing for November 14th. I am so excited to shoot this, and I cannot wait.


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