Giving Mental Health a New Look in Media

Changing Media Representations of Mental Health was published as the first research study examining mental health coverage in the media. The study was conducted on behalf of the Glasgow Media Group and examined content in press, television, and films and using content analysis to show how the material would relate to our beliefs of mental illness (Philo,2017). The study showed how media is held accountable for most of these ill-informed beliefs. The research interviewed numerous people with their experience with Mental Health, and the majority of the interviewees associated their experiences with violent films, and media. This new research shows the impact on media consumers, the more powerful negative images shown, the more stigmatization and negative portrayal of mental health starts to develop.

This article was an interesting read. It mentions how there was a partition signed by 3,000 media consumers, that asked for a different approach in mental health in media and changing the perception of it. The article also mentions how media companies have not done so yet. I think this article would be beneficial for my study in looking into the way films portray mental health, which can draw a negative portrayal, shift the stigmatization of mental health and allowing people not to be open-minded mental health and seeking help. I can also find more studies and information on big media companies and their viewings of mental health to see if there is a possible link between the consumers and the scriptwriters, producers, and directors.

Right now I am focusing on my second part of my script. I just finished scheduling my casting calls and possible shooting days. I am getting in contact with my committee. I want to discuss a proper email to send out to the potential committee members. If anyone has an outline or would allow me to read theirs, I would much appreciate that. This Sunday, I have a meeting with my Team to discuss my fellow plans for next semester involving shooting. I am also going to start an outline for my paper and researching more articles.

Philo, G. (1997). Changing media representations of mental health. Psychiatric Bulletin, 21(3), 171-172.

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