Kofi Siriboe new film Jump

This week I have decided to do my blog a little different. Besides talking about one of my articles, I have been looking at short films, documentaries, and interviews that speak on Mental Health, that I think contributes to my project in many ways. The two things I had watched were both directed by Kofi Siriboe; WTF is Mental Health and Jump. Kofi Siriboe, who starred in film Girls Trip and television series Queen Sugar, is a young, FINE, actor, who is my future husband and an advocate for bringing awareness to mental health in the black community through creating.

WTF is Mental Health is a short documentary that features young Black youth to speak on their mental health and how they overcame it. Jump is a short film that was inspired by a suicidal death from mentor and brother of Kofi. In this 11-minute film, Jump, Kofi plays the main character Ziggy, who is detached from reality. Throughout the film, you will see a young girl popping up around Ziggy telling him to follow her, but when he finds her, there is no one there. Throughout the film, he says, “I don’t wanna live, I don’t wanna die.” It just seems like he does not want to go out, wants to hang out with his friends or even talk to anyone. At the end of the film, Ziggy is on a bridge considering ending his life.

This film moved me. I have changed my film to being an episodic film but with chapters. At first, I was a little skeptical writing my script out because I know I needed to make my scenes at least 10 minutes each while getting the point across. I love the way that Kofi executed that with little dialogue and short timing I his film. I am looking at this film for guidance in the visuals for my film. I am looking at the shot choices like camera angles, color, and transitions. I have noticed in the film that he decides to use a lot of close up shots, which makes it look more dramatic as well as intimate with the characters. I have also noticed with his character, Ziggy, he wore dull colors, while the little girl had on pink, his friend (Not girlfriend…I hope) wears a yellow hat that shows happiness, and the colors I see a lot in the scenes are blue and cool colors which intensify the darkness of the story.

At this point of my project, I have started my script for UN-, and my chapter UN-Told, which is about a young black girl who is trained to go to church with her mother and getting prayed over regularly for any situation. She is confused, she thought she trusted a guy that was close to her, like a brother, but that trust was broken when he molested her in her own home and was threatened not to tell anyone. She’s living with this secret, while this guy is living with her family until his mother is out of rehab. My next step is to start the beginning of another chapter called Un-Known. I am not sure what route to go with this story after all the interviews I have one so far, however, I do see something visually. I am also going to sketch out this first script for practice using shots and colors I see in Kofi’s short film for inspiration. I shall have this by next class for feedback.

Click here to see JUMP. 

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