The Root of Mental Health for Black Women

Black Women and Mental Health: Working Towards Inclusive Mental Health Services is an article I found by Melba Wilson. This article addresses the nature of black women’s position in a broader context of black everyday experiences. The article focuses on women from different communities such as African, African-Caribbean and Asian Communities, which I found interesting due to Asian and African-Caribbean culture. The study is looking into older women, women of mixed heritage, and refugees focusing on the perspective of black and minority ethnic women and their mental health needs, care, and treatment. The article mentions that it was written to change the social policy framework in mental health (Wilson pg.34).

My goal for my film is to go to the root of what is causing most of Mental Health. Why is the leading black women protagonist in movies portrayed to be some angry black women? This article addresses racism, mistreatment in psychiatric hospitals, and issues within the black community itself. But I think what drew me to this article is the section of Black women – the reality, where this section talks about the experiences of racial and cultural stereotyping, and different experiences with the mental health system, gender stereotyping. It also notes that a lot of literature does not mention these experiences as a factor to a cause of mental health for the black community. I’ve never thought of racism being a factor in Mental illness, so it was a great article to read about that and comparing different populations within the black communities. I am now seeking to add a little bit more to my characters in my film and their everyday struggles.

I am happy to say that I have now started my script. I just needed an extra push, and I believe I got it from last week’s class. I have looked into Film Theory, and I am now looking into Black Feminism theory and seeing what I can find within those. I have outlined all the articles I have found, and I am starting to put my paper together. Today I had the opportunity to attend the Pennsylvania Women’s Conference, where I have met a producer Shameka Stewart, she works at a non-profit that focuses on short films as well as sponsor short films. I have a meeting with her in two weeks. Next thing I would like to do is start looking for my grants to help me prosper with my film as well as locations.


Wilson, M. (2001). Black Women and Mental Health: Working Towards Inclusive Mental Health Services. Feminist Review,68(1), 34-51.

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