Relevant Literature

1. I have found this chapter “Media, Minorities, and the Stigma of Mental Illness” in a book by Sandra Swantek. It discusses the different stigmas minorities face when it comes to mental health displayed in the media. Stigma is negative attitudes and beliefs that motivate the public fear, rejection, avoidance, and discrimination against people that are dealing with mental illness (Swantek, p.73). This chapter gives an introduction to mental illness in the media. It has past studies that studied the portrayal of mental illness and minorities in fictional media (Swantek, p.74) It discusses mental illness in the news and how advocacy groups encourage balanced representation of the mentally ill in the media when it comes to minorities.

2.  I believe this article contributes to my project because it goes into depth about the media images of people that are mentally ill, and how it focuses on the reactions of those viewing this illness as being feared, rejected and ridiculed. The article showed how common shame in today’s society affects lives by making people reduce seeking help, which created low self-esteem and reduced the chances for people with this illness to want to recover. The chapter also goes into fictional portrayals, dramatic fictional images and that is how I want my film to be a genre. So, I am interested to see how screenwriters and directors portray these characters with mental illnesses and how the audience responds to them. This chapter is also exciting because it opens up to all media, not just television. It discusses the internet, news, and primetime television shows. Lastly, the chapter gives some recommendations that researchers can study or they found a lack of study. I found interest in wanting to hit on in my studies and film the need for media and education communication in today’s society and showing different cultural ideas about mental illness and the respect for different cultural diversity that will push for more acceptance of people with mental illnesses (Swantek, 82). I think because there is a lack of understanding for people, not just minorities, with mental illnesses is the lack of knowledge.

3. Each week I read different articles and watch documentaries about mental health to further my understandings on mental health. I started my interview process, and I just started to put together my blog for the film. On my blog, I plan to give information on Mental Health, discuss the inspiration of my movie and my research, and post the interviews and short summaries of my participants and their opinions of mental health I have for my studies. I am also home for the weekend to interview my grandmother on Intergenerational PTSD she suffers from and next week I am meeting with Professor Zaylea to go over my schedule for my project, Sunday I have a team meeting with some friends who are committed to helping me with my film and I have started the scriptwriting process.

I am excited about this project and research that I have come across. I do hope to answer some of the questions that past researchers still need answers to as well as recommending further research that can yet be done!


Swantek, S. S. (2008). Media, Minorities, and the Stigma of Mental Illness. Determinants of Minority Mental Health and Wellness,1-15. doi:10.1007/978-0-387-75659-2_5

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