My Style Element

When I was in the process of thinking of doing a creative project, I was on the verge to doing a documentary. Since my topic was on Mental Health, I knew of plenty of upcoming documentaries that where speaking on this topic. However, I knew my topic was going to be of Black Women having these issues. So then I looked into films. I knew I wasn’t going to find a film that showed leading black women protagonists a mental illness and having resources in the movie to educate them. I want this film to bring awareness and resources to black women. So the style of this film is important.

Feel and Sound

I would like my film to look like a drama, absurdist fictional film, with an inspirational feel. I am inspired with the Tyler Perry film For Colored Girls. I want my movie to sound like a dramatic film, but I want my viewers to hear these experiences and stories of Mental Health from these characters as a testimony.

Types of Media 

To get the inspiration for my narrative film, I would be interviewing black women. I plan to use the video interviews at the end of my film during credits, so the viewers can see and hear these testimonies for themselves. For more information on educating myself on mental health, I have also been listening to numerous podcasts such as, Carefree Black Girl, who talks about her journey dealing with issues and I have been watching YouTube videos of different documentaries and lectures on Mental Health.

Style of Media Elements 

I will be using both an audio interview for the end of my movie interviews, but for my actual film I will be using Diegetic sounds that would insist dialogue, sound effects, and a Non-Diegetic sound of music, I would like to use music from a local groups I find online.

My Shots

Since my film is dramatic and I would like for my viewers to relate to my audience, so I would like to have to close up shots so my audience can feel almost involved in what is happening. I would also like a medium, long and wide shots that would show landscape and bodies. I would also do a two-shot that shows relationships and over the shoulder shots for expressions and lastly a point of view shots, so audiences get a feeling.

How my choices fit

I believe a short film would fit my theme because I feel like my topic of Mental Health has been documentaries, blogs, and podcasts. I think having a short film is relatable and the fact that my characters will be based on real black women testimonies it’s me having a conflict and a conclusion, besides having a documentary and hearing stories. My film style supports my content because my goal is to bring a mental health film featuring black women with mental health issues and finding a conclusion to the situation.

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