My Areas of Research

For my research, I narrowed my topic down once more, and now I am questioning, Why don’t Black Women discuss mental health? I am still making my theme a short film because there is a lack of Black Mental Health awareness in the media. For my research, I would be looking into several categories such as Mental Health, Mental Health in media and Filmmaking processes and methods in mental health research. Some of the articles I chose are for my interest in learning more about Mental Health and hoping to get feedback from my peers and professors on what route to take when looking for articles and books.


Mental Health:

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Short Films 

Bilge, A., & Palabiyik, O. (2017). The Effect of Short Films About Mental Health and Disorders on Preventing Stigmatization in Nursing Education. Archives of Psychiatric Nursing,31(1), 88-92. doi:10.1016/j.apnu.2016.09.006

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I think I am having a problem with finding articles on script writing and character development and mental health. I am not sure if I am using the proper film terms. I am however interested in finding more articles on how scriptwriters and directs develop characters with mental illnesses and their processes and inspiration. Again, I am accepting advice and guidance!


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