San Juan

December 2012, I see the movie in the cinema, “juvenile faction drift”
In the world’s brightest fluorescent sea, surrounded by silence to hear the sound of bubbles, stars and galaxies reflected in the lake, flocks of fish in the side of the ship with a little bit of light across the light, into a group and a group Comet-like dazzling blue light, and soon disappeared. When the waves become more and more intense, waves of waves, like the wreck of the giant blue fluorescent whale swallowed jellyfish from the sea after jumping out of the sea.
I can not forget the night of intense and fear to break the silence, but also forget that piece is also true magic blue fluorescence sea.
Later learned that this world actually there is really the film that piece of fantastic fluorescent sea. Seven fluorescent beaches around the world, one in Maldives, two in Australia, the other three most famous in Puerto Rico. Went to Puerto Rico to see the sight of the sea of ​​fluorescence, from my heart planted seeds.