Industry Experience

Over the past 3 years at Temple, I had the opportunity to volunteer and be apart of multiple sports and recreation organizations. To start, I had the opportunity to be apart of the University of Pennsylvania’s Box office for my Junior Internship. Here, I learned valuable skills such as using Paciolan ticketing software, SalesForce, and overall box office operations within a collegiate atmosphere. My internship at UPenn taught me skills that I continue to use at the Liacourse Center, and this has helped me gain a competitive advantage for myself.

Outside of my internship, I have volunteered in numerous places, which has allowed me to gain insight and experience in multiple areas of the sports industry. All of my volunteer experience has helped me discover what I want to focus on as a career. For my Senior Internship, I hope to continue working in a sales and CRM environment that focuses on providing the best customer service and fan experience.

Below is a list of my industry volunteer experiences:

  • Philadelphia Soul
    • Gameday Ticket Distribution
      • During this volunteer experience, I distributed tickets to those who received a free ticket voucher.
  • The University of Pennsylvania
    • Game Day Operations
      • During this volunteer experience, I helped with preparing and operating basketball, soccer, lacrosse,and field hockey games.
  • The 2017 NFL Draft
    • Fan Experience Assistant
      • During this Experience, I was in charge of checking in people, directing them to areas, and answering questions.
  • Wawa Welcome America
    • Event Ambassador
      • During this experience, I was in charge of directing visitors to events and being in charge of an information booth.
  • Pitch In For Baseball
    • Brand Awareness Member
      • During this experience, I was in charge of handing out cards and bracelets to fans within Citizens Bank Park and explaining the cause of Pitch In For Baseball.
  • Global Abilities Rec Fest
    • Event Assistant
      • During this experience, I was in charge of helping those with disabilities play the activities that were set up for them, such as wheelchair basketball, golf, baseball, and soccer.