Blog Post 4 – Option 2

John Wanamaker opened one of the first department stores in the country right here in Philadelphia. The building is immense and very spacious from the moment you enter. This is a particularly fun time of year to go to this store because Macy’s is having their annual Christmas promotion, in which the store is littered with Christmas themed attractions. The Christmas light show that Macy’s puts on is considered one of the most well-known in the country and the implication of the Wanamaker Organ makes it a delight for a Christmas enthusiast. I feel as though the spacing and overall immense size of the building, allows for the organ to maximize is true sound, and this causes it to be iconic for Macy’s and the city of Philadelphia. I think a lesson that we all can learn from this historic building is the idea of a department store as a whole and the type of tradition that it causes on our society and culture. Public shopping was not a common thing when John Wanamaker creates the store , so the way he was able to shape culture in it society is a remarkable thing. He was a true entrepreneur who turned a department store into something iconic and valuable to the city of Philadelphia. An example for the importance is the creation of the Christmas light show at the building’s location. It created tradition for the city of Philadelphia in which people from outside the area, come in and wish to view the spectacle.

Tun Tavern – A Starting Point for the Revolution

One of the most historic landmarks that this country has to offer is right here in our own city. Tun Tavern was the birthplace of America’s most elite fighting force, the United States Marine Corps. On November 10, 1775 the Continental Congress instructed the innkeeper to recruit local men to join the Marine Corps. During my time in the Marine Corps, we learned about this historic land mark and I was relatively shocked to learn that the branch in which I was serving, was founded in the city that I grew up with. This was a major step in basic training because the Marine Corps retained the same customs and traditions as they did on November 10, 1775.

It was interesting to learn how successful the tavern was prior to becoming the birthplace of Marines. They were known throughout the colonies for having the greatest quality beer and food. This is mainly the reason for it becoming a spot for a historical moment. Because of how popular the tavern was, it drew a huge crowd for recruiters to try and get the men of the thirteen colonies to join the revolution.Image result for tun tavern philadelphia pa

Peale Exhibit Review

Peale’s Exhibit was very interesting to see in person. I was actually surprised how small the exhibit is, however it did not disappoint in content. As soon as I entered the exhibit, I immediately saw how revolutionary this display must have been to the citizens of our early country. The works of taxidermy on different species of animals were remarkable and I could definitely see how he made them portray as if they were still alive. By far the most interesting thing in the exhibit was the document and drawings of the mastodon. We all have seen pictures of a traditional mammoth in which the tusks are angled toward the sky. Peale’s modification to the tusks of the mastodon made it look way more intimidating. This directly reflected Paul Semonin’s article on, Peale’s Mastodon. One thing that I did not know Peale participated in, was the act of drawing. There was a particular drawing that got my attention as I was leaving the exhibit. It was a sketch of George Washington, drawn as if he was a Roman War hero. When I read the excerpt below the drawing, and it said that the colonist at that time, looked to Ancient Rome to define virtue and establish a set a values. This made me realize how important George Washington was to the growth of our nation past his heroics in war. I only had one issue with the content in the exhibit. While learning about Peale’s strategies when designing the original museum, we discussed how there was an order by species. However, in the exhibit, it seemed to be all of the place. Since the size was small, it wasn’t too difficult to navigate, but it would have been interesting to see a representation of how he set up his original museum. Overall, I enjoyed exploring this part of Philadelphia and American history.

Statement of Purpose

Hello everybody! My name is William Hanson, but friends and family call me Bill. I am currently a Junior studying Supply Chain Management at the Fox School of Business. As far as my intellectual interests, the business world, as a whole, really peaks my attention, because of the fact that America was built from hard working entrepreneurs. As time passed throughout our great nation’s history, these innovators reshaped what the concept of business was/is and shared their knowledge throughout those years. I recently completed four years in the United States Marine Corps as an Aviation Supply Specialist, which is why I have decided to pursue a degree in a similar field. The experience that I was involved in while in the Marine Corps helped me mature in a terms of taking my education to the next level. I graduated high school in 2012 and did not take my education seriously at the time. Looking back, there is no doubt that the Marine Corps increased my desire to pursue a degree and allowed me to bounce my experiences off of my education, and vice versa. As far as other interests, I am a huge sports fan, as long as the name of the team starts with “Philadelphia,” that is. I’m extremely excited about the Eagles upcoming season, so if you follow the team as strongly as I do, engage a conversation with me and I promise I could talk about it for hours! When it comes to career goals after my time at Temple University, I strive to find a career that weighs heavy on logistics. Getting the right asset and the right place, at the right time is what I want to be able to coordinate. I would like to stay in Aviation and work for Boeing, Lockheed-Martin, or many others, simply because that is what I am experienced in. However, the great thing about the logistics world is that every business needs some form of coordinating logistics. This allows me the opportunity to work for any business that desires my employment. I am excited to be taking this course, for the fact that my father was a high school history teacher so it was always in his fatherly advice and lectures as I was growing up. If anyone reading this is interested in my past experiences or my interests please feel free to talk to me about it! Best of luck this semester!