The event is being held at the Howard Gittis Student Center, Room 200 AB on Temple University’s main campus.

8.00am-9.30am Registration [Breakfast]
9.15am-9.30am Opening Remarks: Rosemary Dillon (OVPR)
9.30am-10.45am Panel 1
Donald Liddick “Rhino horn as a conflict commodity”
Aunshul Rege “Not biting the dust: Inside India’s sand mafia”
Rajeev Gundur “How settings shape organized criminal strategies”
10.45am-11.15am Networking [Refreshments]
11.15am-12.30pm Panel 2
Lauren Shapiro & Marie-Helen Maras “Warning: Ads selling sex with children”
Cassandra Cross “The problematic nature of jurisdiction for online fraud victims”
Rely Vîlcică “Exporting Court Innovation: Compatibility between the American Drug Court Model and European Justice Systems”
12.30pm-1.30pm Keynote Address by Dr. Peter Grabosky (RegNet, Australian National University)

“Sympathy for the Devil? Harnessing criminal organizations in furtherance of public policy”

1.30pm-2.45pm Panel 3
Alese Wooditch “The Impact of the Trafficking in Persons Report: A Review of the Evidence”
Dwight Smith “An enterprise approach to global and transnational crime”
Luca Giommoni “Modelling transnational crime: the influence of market mechanisms and social relationships on drug trafficking”
2.45pm-3.15pm Networking Break [Refreshments]
3.15pm-4.30pm Panel 4
Jay Albanese “The more things change.. Markets vs. actors vs. groups in assessing organized crime”
Lauren McCarthy “Trafficking Justice: How Russian Police Enforce New Laws, from Crime to Courtroom”
4.30pm-5.00pm Conference Close