Poster Sessions

Graduate and undergraduate students are encouraged to present posters on their research work in the area of global and transnational crime! Please submit your poster presentation abstract via the Registration page.

Instructions for Poster Sessions

The Poster sessions couple a 2 to 3 minute presentation with a more traditional poster set up where presenters stand next to their posters and discuss their research with colleagues.  The format combines the opportunity for attendees to hear about a wide array of research efforts with more in-depth discussion of research than would be possible during a traditional Q&A period.

During the coffee/networking breaks, presenters will be expected to stand next to their posters for an informal and hopefully in-depth discussion of their research.

The most successful posters are those that are easily understandable.  The following guidelines are provided as you prepare your presentation:

  • Posters should be 40″ x 30″ (poster boards of 40″ x 30″ and will be provided).
  • Create a title with font at least one inch high.  All other text should be easily readable from 3 feet/1 meter away.
  • Use bulleted text to get the main points across with minimal text.
  • Use graphics such as maps, graphs, and photographs to illustrate main points.
  • Divide the area of your poster into sections and make each section correspond to a major part of the research (e.g., title, author, and affiliation; abstract; methodology; results; and conclusions).
  • Each section should be visually distinct and numbered to make the flow of the paper easy to follow.
  • Hand-out materials are encouraged but presenters may also have people who express interest sign a sheet with their name and email so information can be sent to them later.

For more information on creating effective and engaging posters see the following websites:

New York University’s How to Create a Research Poster: Poster Basics

University of South Carolina’s Tips for Successful Posters

Iowa State University’s What Makes a Good Poster