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The purpose of this organization is to connect students who study and are interested in language in order to form interdisciplinary networks for discussion and research. This organization will organize a conference each year to showcase students’ research in Language from a variety of viewpoints. In addition to the conference, the organization will be concerned with promoting interdisciplinary discussion of Language and conducting workshops for improving student work. We will hold meetings in order to plan the conference for the spring as well events such as workshops or speakers. In workshops we can discuss project ideas, current projects and issues we are encountering, or have discussions of theory or methods to help us progress in our individual projects and understand approaches to language from different disciplines.

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Teaching and Learning: Education
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Does your organization have specific membership requirements?
What, if any, are your organization’s membership requirements?
Members should be graduate students who study Language in some way.
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Is your organization affiliated with any local, regional, or national organization? 
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