Last week I decided to go to an event, ‘Marketing in London.’ Before entering the event, I was extremely nervous seeing as though it was an event for marketing professionals and I was a student visiting from a different country. Funny enough, the second I walked in, I noticed my internship supervisor Kat (she was not there for the event, it was just a coincidence she was there with her friends), but seeing a familiar faced eased me.

As I walked through the crowd of people looking for a friendly face to start a conversation with a woman (she said her name so quickly I wasn’t able to catch it), she ended up being the organizer of the event. She welcomed me with open arms and introduced me to a few of her friends standing around. Everyone was extremely nice and of course me being American was the first half of our conversation. After we got past that, I found out that 2 of them were sports journalists (yes, they asked about the World Champions), the woman who introduced me to them was actually visiting London but wanted to put together a mixer for herself and other marketing professionals to meet and network which I  thought was really cool.

As we were talking, Tiru (pictured above with me) walked over to me and before introducing himself he said, “Where did you get this jacket.” Not quite the introduction that I was expecting but it started a really cool conversation. He was telling me a bit about the work he does within marketing and then asked if I was into fashion or influencer marketing because he had a friend that he wanted to introduce me to; unfortunately she left by that time but we connected on LinkedIn and took our picture before saying goodbye.

I then walked over to a table and spoke with a woman and slowly two other women came over and we were able to talk and share backgrounds. Cool enough, all of us were from other countries, one woman was from Australia, another Indonesia and the other was from the U.K., we all also shared one other thing in common which was being students. However, all of these women were all in the workforce at some point, they wanted career changes and went back to school for marketing or a related field and ended up at that event to meet people that may help them progressing their field. Lydia is from Australia and recently moved to London with her fiance and will be graduating soon so she is the only one that had just as much experience as myself. Vebri is from Indonesia. She is now pursuing hr masters in marketing at a local university, but she began her career in Indonesia as an art director. She explained how tough of an industry it is there and how she really had to give over her entire life for work. She made good money but was not really that happy. She still likes the industry but wanted to tackle it from a different angle, being marketing. Shenika, the final woman at the table began her career in social work and felt that it was too stressful of a job considering that peoples livelihood relies on her. She really loved it at first but felt that it was not where she really could see herself. After that she worked as an admin mostly for law firms but had a job at an advertising agency and fell in love. She was a bit older than the other two women and myself but she made me feel hopeful and let me know that this degree that I will receive soon does not have to be an end all. I am still a growing person that may want to change career paths and not to be afraid to do so.

I learned from all of the people that I interacted with that day that marketing is not just for one type of person, one degree type. Many of those people started out doing things that they had a passion for and somehow fell into the role of marketing while doing so. This is a career that I hope to end up in within the next few moth and having so many people really applaud that as well the fact that I am interning in a different country, and network and connect with people from a different county was really worth it. I wish I would have found this event at the beginning of the summer rather than my last few days in London.