Media production, specifically sound is an exciting field to work in. It balances both creativity with technical skills, and is a field where you can really see your work come together into a finished product. One tip for being prepared in an industry like this is be ready for plans to change. Working in a studio I experienced first hand how quickly a client can change their mind about location, time or practically anything else. The better you are at adapting to things like that, the easier off you will be. Another tip is, although you are there to input your own creativity and ideas into a project, in the end you are working on the clients vision and if they want something in a certain way, then it is best to do it that way. The best part of working in Barcelona is the people. Everyone is kind and laidback and the pace of work and social life is much slower. This doesn’t mean people don’t work hard or get upset in the workplace but it tends to be much more easy going then say a place like New York, which is where I am from. The people in Spain also have much more of a collectivist attitude. Everyone at lunch will eat together and most times spend about an hour or two away from work to enjoy it. It is a nice break from work and also a great time to enjoy the delicious Spanish food. Generally I would say just be on time and ready to help out wherever you can with enthusiasm. I may not have known all the technical skills to complete a task but I would still ask questions and help with the things I did know how to do. After all, your employer is taking their time and efforts to give this opportunity.