Unfortunately I had to miss our groups networking activity. The studio I was working for was hired to set up sound and lighting for a university graduation in Barcelona. The graduation was having a band play during the event and so we had to set up a small stage, mics, speakers and all our monitoring equipment for it. The event was incredible, and such great experience for me in regard to sound and live events. The graduation event was held over a two day period and we had to move a van full of sound equipment across the city to a hotel where the event was taking place. My job was to help set up the stage and do the live lighting during the show. I learned the ins and outs of setting up sound equipment on stage and doing sound checks for a music group. I also, for the first time, controlled the lighting during the live performance. Beside learning the technical skills on this job, I also learned how to deal with clients who may be stressed out as well as perform a job under pressure and limited time (the second day we were only given two hours to set up, which took us five the day before). Overall an incredible experience, and in a way my own networking event.