My internship position was working as a recording assistant in a production

studio. I was working mainly with recording music and voices for voice-overs in the

studio, but also had experience with setting up equipment for live sound and sound for

picture. My favorite part of the internship was working in a field that I am passionate

about. I have envisioned doing exactly what I was working on for a long time and now

have experienced that industry thoroughly. I also got along very well with my boss, the

producer of the studio, as well as the other guys who worked video and graphic design.

Getting my hands on the equipment and really learning how the industry works was anĀ 

incredible experience. I thought a difficult part of working in Barcelona was the timing.

The work schedules and general timing is much more loose in Spain than in the US.

This usually led to me being early, which is not a bad thing, but was sometimes a pain

when clients would show up 30 to 45 minutes late to the studio. On occasion I would be

left in the studio to lock up after a band rehearsal, but wouldn’t be able to leave until

around twelve or one in the morning. However, it kept things interesting and I met a lot

of great people in those situations. Another tough aspect of working in Spain, especially

in the recording industry, is the language barrier. My boss, Toni, was really the only one

who I could fully communicate with in English. Most of the other people including clients

had little to no English speaking ability. Of course my Spanish got better, but it was

difficult when discussing technical details about software or other recording aspects.