The best part of my internship has been twofold: the first is getting to meet, work with, and make new friendships with people from all over the world. I’ve developed many close bonds while I’ve been in Hong Kong and I can say that if it hasn’t been for this program, I would not have met the people I did who are from places like Pakistan, Canada, Columbia, Kansas, Georgia, California, Texas, Alaska, Ohio and I’m sure a few other places I can’t remember. I know that I will stay in touch with many of these individuals throughout my lifetime. The cool thing is and the thing I cherish the most is that if I ever find myself in those places, I’ll always have a friendly face to catch up with. The second thing that has made this internship amazing is being able to experience, learn about, and embrace the unique aspects of another culture that is nothing like the one I grew up in. Every day is a new adventure as I try new foods, explore new places, meet new people, and learn how business is conducted in another country. Especially with this last aspect, since the main focus of the company I am working for is to help set up businesses in Hong Kong, this process has been very insightful.

The best part of living in Hong Kong has been the close proximity to the ocean as well as the mountains. The views are spectacular in all directions and around every corner there is a moment or event to capture through my camera lens. Since I have been here, I have done surfing, paddle boarding, hiking, cliff jumping, boating and beaching just to list a few. If it wasn’t for the great location of Hong Kong, I would never have gotten to do all these things.

The hardest part of this internship has been the nine hour work days. Having never worked consistently over forty five hours per week prior to this, this has been the biggest challenge curve for me. Along with keeping up with the deadlines for both the class and the job, while trying to experience as much of this amazing opportunity and culture as possible has also been a bit of a challenge. However, I can say that working through this and developing a consistent routine has been extremely rewarding because it is something I’ve been wanting to do for a while and this was finally the opportunity I needed to give me that push. I wouldn’t say there is a hard part to living in this city. The only challenge I occur once in while is if I go to a truly local restaurant and no one speaks English. I would call it an interesting experience more than a challenge however. On the flip side, getting around in Hong Kong is amazing. The efficiency of the MTR (metro) is wonderful, combined with having endless options for transportation (tram, ferry, taxi, bus, mini bus, MTR, walking), it has become one of my top cities for navigating.