One thing that I don’t think many English speaking people traveling here realize is that there is a slight language barrier. Even though we all speak the same language, there are accents here that may be hard to understand, ways that they speak or words that they use that may be confusing, and even their spelling can be slightly different. 

We are housed in an area named Clerkenwell and it’s probably one of the best places to live. There is a train station (Farringdon) that is only a few minute walk away and a few buses that go to nearby popular areas (Oxford St., Soho, Shoreditch, etc.) And for Harry Potter fans, some locations from the movie are nearby.

Honestly, one thing that surprised me in a bad way was the food. I love to eat, but the food here really wasn’t very appetizing. Pizza, one of my favorite foods, wasn’t good anywhere I went. Even pancakes (my favorite breakfast food) didn’t really wow me. One thing that surprised me in a positive way was how beautiful this city is. I knew London was a great city but it’s nothing like being able to live here and get a feel for more than just the tourist things.