Unfortunately, due to my unavailability to get out of work early, as well as my lengthy commute, I am never home in time for any one the networking events that are typically at six in the afternoon. I typically don’t get home until around 7:30-8:00 PM. Even though I had the longest commute in the program, I’m fortunate that my internship is completely centered around networking, which I’m used to from being a Communications major.

I can share with the world about the vast amount of networking I did during my internship. It was honestly one of the largest networking opportunities I’ve ever had. This is because my company was both a casting agency and a sports model agency. This means EVERY day I would come with my supervisor to meet potential actors/models. Over the summer, I’ve met over six-hundred individuals in the industry and this doesn’t even count the amount of calls I’ve made from the office looking for models who fit our client’s demographic. As I hate to admit it, these models/actors would often think I was more important than an intern due to the fact that I was American, and would often give me their contact information. However, even those who found out I was an intern would still give me their contact info in case they were ever near Philadelphia! They claimed they’d love to make contacts and even friends from that part of the USA, as they typically hand around LA or certain parts of New York.

The only photo I have from me at work, but this is an on-sight casting for a soccer video game advertisement we did!

Another portion of networking I did happened a few times. Unfortunately, in the beginning of my internship one of the supervisors that was meant to keep after me quit the company abruptly. This left a large vacancy for a spot to be filled when meeting with clients and getting certain jobs done. So, on three separate occasions I went with my supervisor and met with UK based advertising/production agencies in order to convince them to take us on as a casting company. Often times, we would use the angle that I was a fresh, new and young face with the company who was able to see the diversity of the company from an outside perspective. I even participated in a Skype call with my supervisor to an advertising agency in LA!

These networking contacts, as well as my internal company contacts (the founder, my boss, my supervisors, my British interns and my fellow American interns) were more than I was ready to handle. My company contacts have been more than friendly and two of them have written me letters of recommendations that I’ll be able to use with future employees.

While it was nearly impossible for me to attend networking events per se, every casting we had was a networking event where I would meet photographers, producers, actors and directors in the European advertising industry. I’m very fortunate to have made some solid points of contact for the future.