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Hello! My name is Gianna Gambuti. I was born and raised in Wayne, New Jersey. I am a junior majoring in Therapeutic Recreation with a minor in spanish at Temple University. I am unclear of what path I will take while furthering my education after receiving my degree as a Therapeutic Recreation therapist. I am sure that I want to major in a profession that allow me to help others. Over the summer I worked at Waverly Heights which is a senior living community that sparked my interest in geriatrics as well as still being interested in pediatrics. Working at Waverly Heights gave me the opportunity to be creative and inspire adults to improve their education along with helping them stay healthy and safe. After working at Waverly Heights this summer I knew that I wanted to use recreation to help improve individuals lives. Although I am still unsure of whether I want to focus on pediatrics or geriatrics, I know for sure that I want to help improve individuals lives with the use of recreation. Therapeutic Recreation is by far one of the most rewarding profession and I can not wait to be a recreational therapist.
Professionally, I hope to work with geriatrics or pediatrics with a focus on developmental disabilities. I believe that recreation can play an important role in improving these individuals mental, social, cognitive, and physical well-being. I want to be apart of a positive change in these individuals lives. My ideal dream job is to work in a home environment incorporating art, music, and physical activities that challenge these individuals in a positive way.
With my experience at Waverly Heights, and other recreational sites such as wheelchair basketball, special populations basketball, and HMS school with children who have cerebral palsy I have the professional and recreational ability to improve these individuals lives in numerous ways. Through my education and my volunteer experiences in Therapeutic Recreation, I’m enhancing my skills as a therapist, mainly focusing on how to connect activities and projects with individualized treatment plans. I am planning on gaining experience with developmental disabilities throughout the country to gain more experience on how developmental disabilities effect each individual differently. While I hope to work in a geriatric or pediatric environment, I believe my previous knowledge on developmental disabilities while experiencing my cousin grow up with autism will make me an asset as a CTRS in any developmental disability setting.